A Good Starter Pet Is A Betta Fish

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April 5, 2018 by tantan247

By: Tangie Calloway

Inglewood, CA / City Honors High School

A good pet for any little kid wanting a pet is, hands down, a betta fish. If they can handle a cute colorful fish that has very few needs like to be clean, fed, and loved, then they can handle a dog or other bigger sized animal.

Betta fish, originally named Siamese fighting fish, come from parts of Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Cambodian rivers of Mekong and Chao Phraya. They can live as long as 3 or 5 years- maybe more if you take care of them – and can make a colorful accessory to any place you put them.

I recommend you get the male bettas because they are more attractive than females – unless you’re mating them – and do not mind being along just as long as they have some food. Betta fish are the best type of fish to have! Not the goldfish! Not Cory Catfishes! and not Neon Tetras! It’s about the betta fish!


Related image

Courtesy of  Fine America Art


Based on the picture above, there are many different choices to pick from as well as colors. The most common one is the Veiltale, you can tell because of the downward swoosh of the back tail as well as the top and bottom not touching the tail at all

Then, there are the Crowntails and the Combtails that both have a spiked appearance which makes them look like they are the same type of betta fish.


Image result for pictures of a combtail betta

Picture of a Combtail by The Beta Fish Zone

Image result for pictures of the crown tail

picture of a Crowntail by My Water Pets

Next up are the Doubletail Bettas which, as the name states, has a double tail at the end that resembles fans and the Spadetails whose tails looks like the spade of the playing card of spades. Both have tails that move beautifully within water as they swim the days away.

Related image

Picture of a Double tail by Pinterest


Related image

Picture of a Spade tail by Free Savers Betta King


Coming up now are the sun and moon tail Bettas:

Related image

Courtesy of Amazing Pets

First are the half moon Betta’s  that, from the picture above, are named  because of the way their tail looks like a half crescent moon at a 180 degree angle or half a circle.

Related image

Courtesy of Betta Fish Care

Second are the full Moon Betta’s whose tail seems to make a perfect circle around its body like the so in the picture above; they resemble the full moon in the night sky.

Image result for pictures of the half sun tail betta

Couresty of Blog spot


And third are the Half-sun that can be mistaken for a half or full moon because when it flares, its fins may resemble a half or almost a full circle. Half-suns are the combinations of a crown and half-moon tailed betta which makes them have rays among the webbing of their fins.

Coming up next are the Deltas: The normal Delta and the Super Delta. They do not belong to any sorority, but can belong in your fish tank. Parties are not included, and they are easily told apart because of how their tail makes a triangle shape.

Related image

Courtesy of Ebay

Image result for pictures of a delta betta fish

Courtesy of Betta Super Delta

Lastly are the Rose, Feather, Plakat, and Dumbo Eared ones whice maybe the smaller ones of the Betta family, but make up their  size by their beautiful fins like so:

Image result for pictures of rose tail betta fish

Picture of a Rose tail by Nippy Fish

Image result for pictures of feather tail betta fish

Picture of a Feather tail by http://bettasplendensfish.wikia.com

Image result for pictures of plakat tail betta fish

Picture of a Plakat tail by Betta Fish Series

Image result for pictures of dumbo tail betta fish

Picture of Dumbo Eared by Betta Fish Care

These four might be smaller than the other bigger, more common bettas, but they are still classified as good starter pets for any child wanting to test the waters out with a pet.

The only rule is to not put two males in a tank together unless there are dividers since they will fight, hence the name Siamese fighting fish.

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