Spring Rains

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April 9, 2018 by tantan247

Tangie Calloway/ Inglewood, CA

City Honors College Preparatory Academy

We can always tell when Spring is in the air, when the clouds became gray. The rain coming from them always makes people either want to run in the rain or stay in their house sipping on some hot tea or cocoa. I am the type of person that gets sleepy from the rain and hopes it goes away, but I can’t control the weather. The rain that drizzles or pours is actually a good thing to happen to us whether we believe it or not being how is gives the plants and trees something to drink in order for them to continue onward.

What does the rain really mean huh? Well if we all take a moment to observe the rain and think, the rain really is the signaling of rejuvenation. Rejuvenation being for the plants that are on the edge of dying from thirst or the trees that need to grow bigger in order to replace the ones that were cut down for our books and printer paper…Thanks trees. With help from the rain, the trees help us being how they feed upon the carbon dioxide produced by man made things like gas facilities, cars, trains, and us people when we exhale the bad stuff (carbon dioxide) while taking in the good- depending where you are- air. The trees and plants survive on all of the carbon dioxide for food in order to make the oxygen animals and humans need to function. If the rain didn’t come, than what will be used to water the beautiful scenery that doesn’t just look good, but has a never ending job of keeping us alive and well. If they all completely gone then what will help protect the animals and us from the heat of the combined CO2 we as a whole world produce.

The next thing is that the rain washes problems away. Just like in the movies where the girl is staring out the window with tea in hand feeling relaxed as she looks out her window; Guys can do it.  I find it relaxing to listen to the rain hitting the metal pipes or the the ground outside, its like the rain is making a tune of its own that puts me to sleep within minutes….zzzzz. After a long stressful day full of jobs, chorus, and responsibilities who wouldn’t want to rewind and enjoy a quiet moment with their self and the rain’s melody.

     So to all those rain runners- people who run in the rain, cuddlers, and sleepy heads, the rain is a good thing whether or not your a fan of it. I maybe a summer type of gal, but being honest the rain is nice to have every once in a while.

Spring Showers Are Great!


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