LA Prepares for the Olympics

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June 4, 2018 by Paula Reyes

By Paula Reyes and Devyn Nettles

The Olympics are finally coming to LA after 44 years! The 1984 Summer Olympics were the first in history to not be sponsored by the government, as they had previously been in other countries and the 1932 Summer Olympics in the U.S. Now, the U.S. is preparing for the Olympics coming in 2028! Listed are some of the following places that will be renovated in order to hold the competitions:

Frank G. Bonelli Park

bonelli park


Bonelli Park will hold the mountain biking events. This 1,800 acre park will be upgraded with world-class mountain biking courses that could be used for future competitions.

Riviera Country Club

Located in Pacific Palisades, this exclusive country club is the official golf course for the 2028 Olympics.

Lake Perris

Lake Perris located in Riverside County will hold the rowing and canoe sprints. Though pretty far from the city, it will be worth it to head out there and watch the olympics.

Honda Center

Anaheim’s Honda Center is the official volleyball competition site, and will attract fans in the “volleyball hotbed” of Orange County.

StubHub Center

The StubHub Stadium will host rugby during the first week of competition, before being repurposed to use in the modern penthalon. At the same time, tennis, track cycling, and field hockey events will be held at facilities in the huge athletic complex.

Microsoft Theater

The 7,000-seat theatre formerly known as Microsoft will provide a comfortable, climate-controlled setting for spectators to take in some good old fashioned weightlifting.

LA Football Club Stadium

Once slated for swimming, the future home of the Los Angeles Football Club will instead join the Rose Bowl in hosting soccer matches.

Rose Bowl

rose bowl

Photographed by Bobak Ha’Eri

Along with the Coliseum, the Rose Bowl also hosted events during the 1932 and 1984 Olympic games. As it did in ’84, the stadium will host soccer matches.

The Forum

the forum

Photographed by Jorge Barrios

The Forum which hosted basketball games during the 1984 games will be the place to go for gymnastics in 2028.

The Staples Center

Should any Lakers, Clippers, or Sparks make the USA basketball team in 2028, they’ll feel right at home competing at the Staples Center, where men’s and women’s basketball games will be held.

The 2028 Olympics will definitely be a must-watch event! Stated by the official Olympics Website, “As a symbol of our vision, we will utilise LA’s brightest star, the sun. The sun not only shines on the thousands of athletes who live and train in Los Angeles, it serves as a powerful ally in the search for a more sustainable Games. Today, the sun lights the Olympic flame. Tomorrow, it will ignite an energy revolution. By following the sun, LA 2028 will help reimagine a New Games for a New Era.”

We will definitely be watching the 2028 Olympics, located in our hometown, Los Angeles.

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