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The City Honors Academy journalism team welcomes individuals with the intelligence, passion, and energy to create an amazing school newspaper for the students, staff, and parents.

If you would like to join, see Ms. Dragich in W204 for information.

Adviser: Ms. Dragich (W204) has been a City Honors teacher since 2010. She is an alumni of California State University Dominguez Hills and can frequently be found at Disneyland.

Editor in Chief: Marisol Rendon is a huge gamer and avid reader. Come to her for great advice and ideas anytime at marisol_564@yahoo.com.

News Editor: Alani Perkins is the best track team captain to ever exist.

Sports Editor: Kemar Edwards plays basketball for Inglewood High School. He has a special knack for analyzing and studying sports overall.

Chief Photographer: Taylor Austin applied to Hogwarts but ended up at City Honors when her owl got lost. If you don’t know her face, she might be the adorable student sitting next to you.

Art Director: Malia Dinkins is a very bubbly person who advocates for school spirit.

Assistant Art Directors: Asia Powers is a Gemini who likes puppies, and Zagahwa Burgess is an Aries who enjoys volleyball, singing, dancing, and make-up.

Business Manager: Paris Primm is in love with art and poetry. She also enjoys making jewelry and staying in tune with social justice issues.

Chief Senior Correspondent: Adrianna Solomon is currently a senior at City Honors and a full time princess everywhere else.

Chief Junior Correspondent: Jordyn Patterson is a misunderstood, yet very understanding teen living in Inglewood, CA. She is just trying to be successful in any way possible.

Chief Sophomore Correspondent: Taylor Austin

Chief Freshman Correspondent: Pierce Penzella is a charismatic and resilient teenager. His mind is a fortress for knowledge and creativity. While he appears to be a seriously skeptical student, he has a tendency to say thought-provoking stuff. If you need an uplifting or intelligent conversation, he’s the one to find.

Calendar Manager: Brianna Rodriguez loves poetry and writing short stories. She is a sweetheart by nature and stubborn when it comes to getting her point across.


Danielle Childress is the writer behind our Dear Danielle column. She loves being an advocate for City Honors and considers herself to be helpful and cooperative in her school and community. She describes herself as a “Beyonce in a building full of Michelles.”

Jaqueline Ramirez is the writer behind our What’s Trending? column. She loves to binge watch the new show, Imposters. She loves listening to music, shopping, and her make-up.

Natalie Watson is the writer behind our Beauty column. She enjoys all things beautiful. She lives in California and tries new things, from skin care to make-up.

Staff Reporters:

Yamilet Balderas enjoys going to the Teen Center for leadership opportunities, playing Street Fighter IV, watching movies, or riding her bike. She also enjoys long, romantic walks to the fridge.

Kiara Bryant is funny, goofy, and loves to laugh. She likes football; her favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.

Devin Elliott loves basketball and plays NBA 2K.

John David Flores is involved with the fashion design program at So Cal ROC.

Maritza Garcia likes volleyball and reading.

Cathy Gonzalez is friendly and nice. You’ll find her to be a pretty cool person.

Michael Gonzalez is a journalist and the ASB president. Feel free to browse his stories or contact him to cover an event.

Maleea McKinney is very pro-Black and into the natural movement. She is a big fan of Naruto and music. She likes to be aware of world problems.

Axiriz Morales likes writing a variety of things. She’s very open-minded.

Marel Terregone joined The Daily Jaguar this year.

Cub Reporters:

Alisha Beachem considers herself to be more of an observer when it comes to this generation. She does not think the way my generation does.

Kiara Bernard has very tall friends. She likes going to the movies and amusement parks. She is a senior and will be a freshman attending a four year university in the fall.

Delia Corrales is a bubbly senior, waiting to graduate. She loves ice cream and everything about the beach. If you can’t find her at school, she’s home sleeping. She just can’t wait to graduate.

Kaiya Farmer is a hard-working girl with ambition.

Nicole Ford is a student-athlete. She likes to play basketball and do shot put. She also likes to listen to music.

Kinnah’d Hughes is a senior at City Honors who is trying to take as many credits as possible before heading off to a four year university.

Kanah Ndiaye is a scholar at City Honors.

Would you like to contact us to cover your event? Please email city.honors.news@gmail.com.




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