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  1. My Sleep Paralysis Experience..

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    October 23, 2017 by biaankaa

    Bianka Moreno/ Inglewood, CA I’ve had sleep paralysis since I was five years old, I am now eighteen and still …
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  2. The Art of Being Carefree

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    October 13, 2017 by dymone31

    By Dymone Smith / Inglewood, CA Have you ever notice yourself worrying about what everyone else is thinking about you? …
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  3. Why Try…Dancing?

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    September 29, 2017 by tantan247

    Tangie Calloway/Inglewood CA City Honors High School You! You finally got invited to an awesome party, and it’s not just …
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  4. Tired of acne and those scars?

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    September 25, 2017 by kianaschronicles

      By Kiana Hunter/ Inglewood,CA Has your skin ever gotten so bad that you just want to wear a bag …
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  5. Would you listen to These Bands?

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    September 7, 2017 by Paula Reyes

    Photographed by Ian Lipton The Marias is a band featuring Maria and Josh Conway. Their music is a mix of …
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  6. What is Mensez? Would Anyone Actually Use it?


    April 25, 2017 by axirizishere

    Axiriz Morales & Maleea McKinney/ Inglewood, CA I am pretty sure you guys are wondering “What is Mensez?” Don’t worry …
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  7. National Eating Disorder Awareness Week Feb. 26th-Mar. 4th

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    February 28, 2017 by ayyomaleea

    Written by: Maleea McKinney & Axiriz Moralez / Inglewood,CA Anorexia & Bulimia are two things ¬†you should look out for …
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