Need a place to go after school?

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January 12, 2017 by yams1022

By: Yamilet Balderas / Inglewood, CA

If you have no place to go after school, or from 3 pm-5:50 pm, you can come and join the Teen Center! The teen center is located right under the library, and yes they provide free snacks.

Address: 101 Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90301.

The Teen Center is a great place to keep you out of the streets . I personally love this place so much . I have made many friends, learned new things, and got community service hours. Speaking of, City Honors does require you to have 300 hours in order for you to graduate. Here you can get some hours, just by simply asking .

The Teen Center is filled with many activities such as  guitar lessons, tutoring, playing video games, board games, pool, arts and crafts, and ping pong ! They have computers so you can do online homework or whatever it is you like, as long as it’s appropriate.

You can also be a part of leadership where they plan events for Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, and the Teen Center’s Anniversary. Leadership has a partnership with FNL which stands for Friday Night Live, there we help raise awareness about drugs, and how to prevent kids from attempting to try them. FNL helps have a positive, healthy youth development and helps teens become active leaders in their communities . Anyone is welcomed to join.

The Teen Center is filled with many supportive adults who are willing to help you with any situation, whether it’s for you, your homework, helping you get to college, guest speakers also come and talk about their experiences. There have also been many college field trips, which are usually always free. There is not only college field trips, but we have been to the Dodger’s Stadium, Disneyland, the beach, the Forum, and many much more.

You have to be well, a teen to join the Teen Center , but even when you are not a teen anymore, you are still welcomed inside.

The people there are nice and it really does feel like a second home. No I am not writing about the teen center because someone asked me to, or for an assignment, or simply because I am part of it, but out of love. Without the Teen Center, I would have never met many of my best friends today, experienced new places, and joined  a program where we help our community. I highly recommend you come and be part of the family.

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