Should parents be allowed to read their children’s diary?

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May 16, 2017 by 45kj0

by Jaiya Jones / Inglewood, CA

Parents have many ways of raising their kids; some parents like to spoil children , and some have strict rules . But, the most asked question parents seem to have is , is it okay to go through your kids diary?

In my opinion, I say yes only because an 18 year old girl at Maryland High School was planning on bombing her school. If her father didn’t go through her diary, many kids and adults would have been killed. As you get older, you gain more feelings , and you start experiencing more things out in the world. So, teenagers run to this journal they have as something to vent to. While most average teenage girls or boys write about the girl/boy they like or what they did that day, kind of like a daily blog . Some people write about what they’re going through , if it’s bullying , problems at home , etc. There have been many stories of children committing suicide , and later people find letters of why they did it . If parents were checking the diaries or journals ( for boys ), then it could have been prevented.

When I went home I asked my mom and dad, ” How do you feel about going through your kid’s diary ? ” My mom responded with, ” No, that’s how you feel, and you should be able to have that privacy .” My dad responded with, ” Of course , I would go through your diary only because I want to know what you’re doing , and how you’re going about things in the real world. ”

I asked my fellow classmates Cristalle , Aliyah , and Danaya the same exact question and each student said the following :

Cristalle : ” I feel totally disrespected if my parents go through my diary, I feel like that an Invasion of privacy.”

Aliyah : ” I hide my diary , only because my parents go through my room looking for it . I think they should allow us to at least have that one think to keep to ourselves.”

Danaya : ” I don’t really care . I love my parents , were very close; whatever I go through I would want them to know about it.”

In conclusion, some people may think parents aren’t able of going through their kid’s diaries , but in reality if it weren’t for “noisy parents ” there would have been situations were many could have been killed .

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